Wednesday, 19 January 2011

My First BEL 120 Class

   It's already a fortnight, I be waiting for the lecturer to enter our BEL 120 class.I always wonder how my lecturer would be.I still remember the day when my lecturer entered the class for the first time.It was on Thursday,13th January at 10 p.m.First thing that crossed my mind was she was so beautiful and looked young with her straight hair.When she started her speaking, I realized that she was very fluent and she amazed me.She started our class with introduction session.We introduced ourselves to her and she asked us to give our perception about English.From that she found out our weakness .Some of us had problem with speaking English.After introduced ourselves,she introduced herself.Her name so nice,Emy Shafika Nordin.Truly, I said here that I love to mention her name cause for me, it is  such a beautiful name I ever heard.First thing she done to see our confidence level in speaking English was she asked us to find one thing to simplify ourselves and presented it to the class.I don't even noticed that it almost to the end of the class.However,next week,we will meet again and I'm looking forward for it.I love English and miss Emy as well cause she able to make the class happening and attractive.

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  1. u make me smile while reading your entry. :) thank you so much! im so sorry i can't really remember your name as much as you remembered mine. sometimes i feel guilty for being such a selfish and not treating people like what they should be. i'll try my very best to remember girls' name frm today onwards, and i shall start it with you :) you are aslamiah (might take sometimes for me to lock that name in this brain) but im sure i wont forget that u love purple. i do adore purple as well, i like soft purple, it makes me feel feminine :) thanks for the attention u gave in the class. and you know what? ill try to make the class as fun and as interesting as i can! im sure if u are entertain throughout the learning process, u can learn better. that is what im trying to do! thnks my dear purple girl for such a refreshing entry! :)
    happy holiday!