Friday, 15 April 2011


I  am warrior.Please accompany me to my mysterious adventure.So , are you ready to take a ride with me now?... It will be more fun and exciting if you following me. I love watching movies. It is fun and you can enjoy yourself by doing that. Where are you going to take me??? I am going to take you to the other world where there is no one of your family can find you. I feel so alone and depressed so I took a chance to release my tension by watching thriller movies=)… Unfortunately, I am still feel  bored. Then, I asked my boyfriend to go out for a dinner.
As a warrior you must be brave, have a soft  heart to love others. Apart from that , you should  be tough to face and handle all sort of  obstacles. What kind of obstacle should  I handle??? Oh! That’s many obstacles that you should handle, such as you need to climb the hill behind UiTM FSG building.So, what  is the reward that I would  get, any gold or women??? Erm… I will give you not only  gold or women but even more…Oh! It’s okay because I am a true warrior, this actually my mysterious adventure, where I have to find out your opinion about the warrior, so now I know the true of you…

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