Friday, 15 April 2011


In Malaysia , there are three major races. Here the Malays , the Chinese  and the Indians with smattering of other ethnic groups.Usually,the first thing that would strike a visitor to come to Malaysia is that it is our unique multi -racial .However, there is still  some  people who not able to comfort themselves among different races especially students.
So, as the teacher, how we look at this issue. How to foster racial unity among the student s of different races.First, we can suggest that seating arrangement could help a lot  in order Tu inculcate  understanding among them.In class ,students should be dividing into multiple of group that consist of different gender and races.Teacher have to make sure that every group having their ice-breaking session.During this session, they have to assign group leader and form their own trademark for each group.This will ensure them to get close to each other and start to communicate.
Beside that, by having group , many activities could be carry out . Otherwise , learning lessons will be easier when these students have to do tasks on presentation or discussion. They have to seat in their group and discuss among them and finally come out with one best decision.
Every race has their own set of beliefs, religion, and other peculiar characteristics that make them differ from other races.Invariably, the member of a race are very proud of their race. To foster unity among these students, the school party should organize a competition of cultural performance.Different race have to perform other race’s culture,this will make the participant  do some  effort to perform the  best.
Last but not least,teachers as well as lecturers should be a role model in order to foster racial unity among multiracial students.Nowadays, students spend most of their time at school rather than at home. Teachers or lecturers should involve  themselves in students group activities as a facilitator's but they have to make sure that they do not influence the students too much on the sensitive issues about their different races.they have to show a good example in order  to let the students able to accept the importance of racial unity to be build among them.

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